Technical Specifications:

  • Development time: Spring 2018 – (WIP)
  • Unreal Engine 4.18.3 (C++ base classes + Blueprints)
  • PC / Android
  • Published Platform: Steam steam-icon-14880.png

What I Did:

  • Ladder object for character climbing.
  • Data table driven dialogues and pictographs automatic population system for actors.
  • Custom actor component classes for data table reading and population.
  • Player input with controller/keyboard/mobile touch control and platform independent interface.
  • Path following system with splines on staircases and bridges (narrow regions).
  • Animation blueprint for the main character and NPC.
  • Interaction system for NPCs and objects.
  • NPC AI with custom path nodes.
  • Steam SDK integration (online subsystem and achievements).
  • Game publication through SteamPipe.


Utkarsh Agrawal – Producer
Benjamin Barker – Narrative Designer
Cheng-Hao “Nick” Chu (me) – Systems/Gameplay Engineer
Mukul Kakroo – Gameplay/Audio Engineer
Yuxian Deng – AI Engineer
Te Zhang – Technical Artist
Shihao Wang – Environment Artist
Rita Kaczmarska – Character/ Concept Artist
Anita Lin – Music Composer
Noah Sitrin – Sound Designer
Dickens Chong – Level Designer

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