“Kugelblitz” is a super fast-paced racing game that takes place in an outer space hyperspeed tunnel, where the player can fly on the outside or inside as they wish. However, there is a time bomb on the ship and the player needs to go through checkpoints, which only appear inside the tunnels, to reset the bomb.

Kugelblitz was a game for our 4th rapid prototyping project, our whole team spent totally nine days on this project. We are currently polishing the game to publish onto different platforms.

Technical Specifications:

  • Development time: November 2017 – November 2017 (9 days)
  • Unity 2017.1.0f3
  • PC / Mac / Android / iOS

What I Did:

  • Mobile touch control.
  • Procedural level generation.
  • Procedural obstacles generation.
  • Dynamic texture lerping.
  • Player movement attaching to tunnels.
  • Player boosting ability.
  • AI movement.


Benjamin Barker – Audio Designer / Producer
Cheng-Hao “Nick” Chu (me) –
Varun Suvararapu – Engineer
Te Zhang – Artist / Animator
Dickens Chong – Environment Artist / Level Designer