Monster Snack is a 2D Arcade game. Where player plays as Skelly, who is a living skeleton that uses his tongue to grab the foods in the swamp. Even though the fruits look super delicious, just gotta be careful, don’t let the cats get your tongue!

Our team spent about two and a half week on the project for the Rapid Prototyping course.

Technical Specifications:

  • Development time: Aug 2017 – Sep 2017 (roughly 2.5 weeks)
  • Pygame
  • PC

What I Did:

  • Character movement.
  • Character tongue’s shooting and recoil (coming back).
  • Tongue path drawing.
  • Timer to stop the tongue from waiting outside for the best combo.
  • Sprite colliders.
  • Level system and dynamic enemies/foods generation.


Utkarsh Agrawal – Producer / Project Manager
Mitchell Hirsche – Producer
Cheng-Hao “Nick “Chu (me) – Engineer
Christopher Daughterty – 
Technical Artist / Engineer
Sarah Soller – Concept Artist / Asset Artist