(XBOX controller suggested)

10Pest is a challenging rhythm game with a neon-style aesthetic. The idea for our level design came from the old arcade game “Tempest”. Stay in the correct lane with the yellow beats to catch them, and press bass bar (space or controller trigger) to bounce with the blue bass notes to build up combos and increase the score multiplier.

Our team spent about three weeks to finish this game for our Rapid Prototyping course, due to the limitation of HTML5 library, we ran into some troubles, such as the incapability to write to local files. That made me spend some extra time to implement a feasible level editor. Also, the XBOX controller was kind of hard to get a smooth transition between all the return values. We ended up having to cut down our level from 16 sides to 12 sides.

Technical Specifications:

  • Development time: Sep 2017 – Oct 2017 (roughly 3.5 weeks)
  • Phaser HTML5 library.
  • Deployed on

What I Did:

  • Player/Beats movement.
  • Beats/Bass generation.
  • Rhythm precision controller, score/multiplier system.
  • Combo visual indicators.
  • Level editor for team members to use, and loaded in JSON format.
  • Gitlab game deployment.


Nathan Scott – Producer / VFX designer / Level Designer
Cheng-Hao “Nick “Chu (me) – Gameplay Engineer
Shantanu Pandey – 
Gameplay Engineer
Miguel Espinosa-Calderon – 
Concept Artist / Animation Artist
Darren Flowers – 
Music Producer / Audio Designer / UI Artist
Katrina Bradsher – UI Artist / Cabinet Artist