Technical Specifications:

  • Development time: Fall 2018 – (WIP)
  • Unreal Engine 4.20.3 (C++ base classes + Blueprints)
  • PC
  • Published Platform: Steam steam-icon-14880.png

What I Did:

  • Boss enemy AI behavior design and behavior trees implementation.
  • Boss animation blueprint, inverse-kinematic animation.
  • Boss animation blending between different skeletal components.
  • AI pathing/behavior tool. Custom actors for designers to prototype and test boss movement and attack behavior quickly.
  • Console debug commands. Including boss attack testing, multiple phases behavior tree switching, and player god mode.
  • In-game cinematics with Unreal sequencer.
  • Steam SDK integration (online subsystem and achievements).
  • Game publication through SteamPipe.

Meet the Team!

Design and Production:

Utkarsh Agrawal – Producer
Benjamin Barker – 
Narrative/Environment Designer
Nathan Scott – Narrative/Level Designer
Michael Breese – AI System Designer


Cheng-Hao “Nick” Chu (me) – AI Gameplay / Tools Engineer
Shantanu Pandey – Gameplay Ability Engineer
Varun Suravarapu –Character Gameplay Engineer
Sean Boland – Environment/Gameplay Engineer
Mukul Kakroo – Environment Gameplay Engineer
Shantanu Mane– Gameplay/UI Engineer


Miguel Espinosa-Calderon – Concept Artist / Boss Design
Sarah Soller – Concept Artist / Character Design
Chris Cheung – Environment Concept Artist
Hongming Tong – Environment Artist
Deblin Sarkar – 3D Character Artist

Technical Art:

Patrick Benson-Kingsland – Character Technical Artist / Animator
Christopher Daughterty – VFX/Environment Technical Artist
Darren Flowers – 3D Modeling Artist


Clay Westing – Audio Designer
Zachary Hardy – Gameplay Audio Engineer
Anita Lin – Composer